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I am Thierry Mamer and this page is about me and my academic and professional background. It gives details on some projects I was involved with in the past, the project I am involved with at the moment, and more importantly, what projects I would like to be involved with in the future. tm.jpg

My current contract is coming to an end in August and I am already putting some thoughts into what I should do next.

Academic Background

I originally come from Luxembourg, which is where I completed all my secondary education. I first discovered the joy of programming when I was taught Logo. Later I was working with Turbo Pascal and finally I moved on to Delphi, which is what really got me interested in software development. At the same time I enjoyed learning HTML and some basic PHP on my own. I then choose Computing Science as a main subject when I went to university.

I completed my Undergrad Honors degree at Aberdeen University, then I started a PhD at the Robert Gordon University, also in Aberdeen. While writing up my PhD thesis I was involved in a KTP collaboration project between the Robert Gordon University and Opus. Later I started a Research Masters with an Industrial Placement at British Telecom.

My PhD viva has now been passed successfully and I am working on my final corrections in order to graduate in July.

Academic Curriculum

Postgraduate Studies

The Robert Gordon University
Degree: Research Masters - Industrial Placement
A one year placement in a Research department at BT in Adastral Park, Martelsham Heath.
Group: Business Modelling & Operational Transformation Practice.
Department: BT Innovate and Design.

The Robert Gordon University
Degree: PhD in Computing
Thesis Title: A sequence-length sensitive approach to learning biological grammars using Inductive Logic Programming.
My thesis has been submitted and my viva was passed, subject to minor corrections.

University Undergrad Degree

University of Aberdeen(Scotland, UK) 2001 to 2005
Degree: BSc Honours in Computing Science (Artificial Intelligence).
Core subjects: Software Engineering, Honors Project, Artificial Intelligence, Graphical User Interface designing, Psychology. Secondary subjects: Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database systems, Operating Systems, Formal Languages and Compilers, Natural Language Processing, Formal Models of Computation, Discrete Methods, Enterprise Computing.

Secondary Education

Lycée classique d'Echternach (Luxembourg) 1994 to 2001
Diploma: Technique Générale.
Core subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computing, Electrical Engineering, Mechanics and Technology.
Secondary subjects: Technical Drawing, Contemporary History, German, French, English.


at Robert Gordon University at British Telecom
CTC (Computational Technology Centre)
Faculty of Design and Technology
School of Computing
St. Andrew Street
Aberdeen AB25 1HG
United Kingdom
Orion Building
Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath
IP5 3RE United Kingdom
Tel: 07976306995
email: thierry@doheem.com
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