My name is Thierry Mamer.

I am a software developer and a computing science researcher.

In my free time I do enjoy writing. I also enjoy complaining. My most favourite topic to complain about is Britain, and there are quite enough things in Britain worthy of complaining. However sometimes, if the mood catches me, I complain about non-British things as well. Sometimes, I might even say something positive. On occasion, I publish my complaints in form of small articles, as a blog. These can be found on this page. If you are British, get easily offended, and have a faint heart, then you may want to avoid this site altogether. If you can appreciate my occasional cynicism, then my sometimes un-objective rants might actually give you a laugh.

“There can be nothing wrong with looking good”
Thierry Mamer


“It’s tough for the rest of us not being you.”
Dr Andy Ball (in conversation with Thierry Mamer)


My Background

I am from Luxembourg and Beaufort is my hometown. I attended the Lyceum in Luxembourg at the Lycee Technique Echternach. Then I got my honors degree at Aberdeen University and my PhD at the Robert Gordon University, both in Aberdeen, Scotland. After that I moved to Ipswich and worked for BT Innovate and Design for a few years.

I do sometimes feel a remote sense of pride about my home country. Not enough to actually live there, but enough to set up a little Luxembourg page to showcase its awesomeness.  Btw. doheem means home in Luxembourgish hence doheem.com was a fitting domain name.

For more details about my professional and academic interests and activities, check out my likedin profile or my Curriculum page.


If you want to get in touch with me, you can contact me on facebook or linkedin (via the tiny links at the bottom right of this page) or you can email me at  thierry-at-doheem.com, preferably with an important sounding subject, so that I do not ignore it.

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